5 Symptoms of Pregnancy are undoubted

5 Gejala Kehamilan Muda yang Tidak Diragukan

There are many early signs of pregnancy that are often overlooked. Even so, the majority assume if nausea becomes a major sign of the late menstruation. But actually not only that.

Quoted from She Knows, basically, every woman has different pregnancy symptoms. Well, some of these symptoms are important to know. Yes, the sooner known, the sooner we as a parent to ensure the nutritional intake of the prospective baby.

1. Late menstruation

One of the most common indicators of pregnancy can be used as a reference for the menstrual cycle. Usually, some women just check her pregnancy after she has a period of delay in her menstrual cycle. So, when you experience these symptoms, even if not accompanied by nausea, it's good to check them out immediately. Who knows this is a sign if there is already a growing fetus in your stomach. 

2. The breasts feel big and soft

A Gynecology Obstetrics located at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center California, Dr. Grace Kong, reveals if early pregnancy signs can be known from increased breast size and become softer.

This change occurs due to hormonal fluctuations so that the breast changes. Not only that, high sensitivity can also be a signal you are pregnant. 

3. More sensitive to the smell

Every woman has a different sensitivity to the smell. Well, when pregnant, especially in early pregnancy, the sensitivity of this smell or aroma will increase. Hormonal changes in the body become the main cause. 

So, very reasonable if you suddenly feel nauseated or dizzy when it smells a certain aroma. There's even a story of a pregnant young wife who is reluctant to close to her husband because he felt sick when he smelled the scent of her husband's body.

4. Cramps accompanied by bleeding

Usually, these two symptoms appear during menstruation. However, do not be sad, because this is not certain menstruation. Dr. Grace reveals if spots accompanied by cramps can occur when the lining of the uterus is penetrated by the embryo. So, it could be if the sign of bleeding or spots is a sign of pregnancy. If you notice this, consult a physician immediately or take a pregnancy test.  

5. Fatigue

If you feel very tired, and when you're late for the month or experiencing various symptoms above, it could be a sign of early pregnancy. Immediately check with your doctor or test pack. 

Above are some common symptoms that often occur early in pregnancy. No need to panic and worry. However, if you experience symptoms of unusual signs of pregnancy such as severe bleeding or severe pain, it's good to consult a doctor immediately. This is to anticipate an abnormal pregnancy such as a miscarriage or ectopic. 


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